The Affordable Art Fair returns to Temple Meads from 9 – 11 September, so we’ve compiled a who’s who of artists you won’t want to miss…

With over 50 UK galleries descending on Brunel’s Old Station for a creative extravaganza showcasing original contemporary work from 500 exceptional artists, all priced between £50 and £5,000, the 2016 edition of the Affordable Art Fair Bristol will once again present the perfect opportunity to build on a burgeoning art collection or start one from scratch. Here’s 8 of our favourite artists:

Than Chuong

Than Chuong is an important artist on the contemporary Vietnamese art scene who has attracted the attention of high-profile fans such as Bill Clinton. Having served as a bomb diffuser during the Vietnam war, Than spent his time between combat teaching art to fellow soldiers.

affordable art fair than

Pictured: Self Portrait

Sean Alexander

Sean’s celebrity fans include Victoria Beckham, Lee Evans and Noel Gallagher. He also completed an abstract work for Paul Weller which was hung behind him at one of his Hyde Park gigs.

affordable art fair sean

Pictured: Let’s Make a Plan

Huw Richard Evans

Huw moved to Bristol in 1980 to study fine art before embarking on a career in landscape painting and fashion. Known as a couture designer, he is developing as an artist and has worked on commissions for ITV’s Broadchurch and the RNLI.

affordable art fair huw

Pictured: Evening Bouquet 

Fleur Deakin

Fleur strives to create a dynamic visual process; layering swathes of paper, paint, textiles, plaster and resin and tearing, carving, dissecting and reassembling a heavily textured visual maze. Fleur is represented by the Smithson gallery.

affordable art fair fleur

Pictured: Spectral Bloom

Rosie Emerson

Rosie works almost exclusively on representing the female form. Her figures draw reference from archetypes old and new, from Artemis to the modern-day supermodel. Her screen prints use charcoal powder, ash and sawdust while her cyanotype works have seen her montage objects, with real-size photographic negatives, exploring the interplay between painting, collage and photography. Rosie is represented by the Smithson gallery.

affordable art fair rosie

Pictured: Lyra

Jill Ricci

Jill finds inspiration in old walls layered with papers, graffiti, and text and re-creates this idea of layered time and decay in her work. Jill is represented by the Smithson gallery.

affordable art fair jill

Pictured: Water Palace

Anna Marrow

Anna studied fine art in Bristol. Most pieces begin as biro and ink drawings and are developed into collages before becoming screen prints. Anna makes surprising, humorous or alarming images by combining mundane objects and environments with exotic creatures and characters.

annamarrowaffordable art fair

Pictured: Lighthouse in Sagres and Big Pink Squirrel

Harry Bunce

Harry cites Hockney, George Herriman and Beatrix Potter as influences. His cool, sometimes somewhat sinister anthropomorphic animals – which have been described as ‘Beatrix Potter meets Tarantino’ – are reclaimed and reinvented, making us regard them with fresh eyes. Think beautiful badgers carrying shotguns and anarchist hares…

affordable art fair harry

Pictured: Avenger

Tickets for the fair start at a suitably affordable £3 (more on the door) and are available from

Images © Affordable Art Fair, Smithson Gallery & Rostra Gallery