It’s the end of a busy week and you’re searching for that perfect pub tucked away on one of Bristol’s side streets, to sink into a comfy sofa, and relax into the weekend. Here are our top picks.

The Christmas Steps

2 Christmas Steps

You’ll fall in love with this historic watering hole situated at the very foot of Bristol’s renowned Christmas Steps. A glowing example of the quintessential, yet quirky pub, Christmas Steps is a hub of local banter combined with brilliant, out of the ordinary ales and local lagers on tap. Owned by the same folks who run Bristol based Crack magazine, there’s always some kind of lively entertainment happening – be it the jukebox on rotation or live DJs guesting on the weekends. Their food menu is locally sourced and offers all kinds of tempting and hearty cuisine. Just check their website for more information.

The Old Fish Market

59 – 63 Baldwin Street


Always a buzzing hive of activity, The Old Fish Market is a spacious affair, with a bar that stretches towards the great beyond (or feels like it), offering everything from Wild River ale to London Pride and everything in between. Draughts, bitters, local lagers – you name it, they’ve got it. Bar staff who are willing to go the extra mile, offering friendly conversation and a genuine knowledge of the local area, The Old Fish Market has got a traditional, homely tavern feel yet is situated in the heart of the city.

Their ‘2 for 1’ drinks offer runs from Monday – Friday between 5 – 7pm (valid on all craft beers) the ideal window for catching that post-work beverage with a colleague or two. Then on Sunday, when you are suitably relaxed (or shattered) from your weekend, may you treat your auditory orifices to a spot of Jazz with their weekly live Jazz nights every Sunday from 7pm.


49 Broad Street

Heading back down the hill and through Park Street on your way home from work? Why not hitch a left and take the Trenchard Street route, stopping in at Horts on your way? A warm welcome, coupled with jolly bar staff and owners, and a good selection of stouts, bitters and ales, this is a good choice if heading towards Colston Hall for a concert later in the evening.

The Old Duke

45 King Street


If you can brave the cobbled streets of Bristol’s historic quarter adjoining Welsh Back, you’ll find a hidden gem in The Old Duke.  Serving up live music, and reasonably priced ales and ciders, they’ve earned a reputation for their New Orleans inspired live jazz. Just a stone’s throw away from the gourmet strip situated alongside the floating harbour, including The Glassboat, Adelina Yard, Aqua Italia and Three Brothers Burgers (who happen to offer a nifty £5 lunch deal from Monday to Saturday between 12pm – 5pm), The Old Duke is your perfect antidote to the working week.

Hatchet Inn

27 Frogmore Street

Claiming to be the oldest public house in Bristol, the Hatchet dates back to 1606, proudly presenting its Tudor clad exterior – a bold personality awaits both inside and out. You’ll find plaques on the interior walls, documenting evidence of a gruelling fist fight within the tavern some centuries ago, with remnants of the scene still existing in some guise, still today. Not convinced? Perhaps the local bands and ales will twist your arm instead, or there’s always the original 18th century rat pit that occupied the rear of the premises in times passed.

The Coronation Tap

8 Sion Place

coritap-logoOriginally a farm house (Clifton Farm), The Coronation Tap is housed in a building that dates back to longer than we can remember (how’s that for vague?). By the mid 1700s it was given a new lease of life as a beer house, then known as The CoriTap under the reign of King George III. Older than Clifton Suspension Bridge, and now an infamous cider house, we like to think that Brunel enjoyed the odd tipple here.