Family company Ancient Mesopotamia Gifts specialises in the oldest handmade olive oil soaps in the world, following traditional methods to produce four unique products: Nablus soap, Mardin soap, Antiochia soap & Aleppo soap. These recipes have passed through generations of families, using only natural ingredients: first pressed olive oil, pure laurel berry oil, pure pistachio oil & pure almond oil. Once prepared, the soaps are hand-cut, dried and packaged in beautiful gift boxes fit for any occasion.
Based in Sherborne, near Dorset, the company is named after the biblical land known as Ancient Mesopotamia on the silk road, where the first recorded evidence of soap production was discovered, written on a Babylonian clay tablet.
Ancient Mesopotamia’s range of cultural soaps are kind for those with delicate or problematic skin, offering a sensitive alternative to the often harsher high street products. Perfect for those looking for non-chemical products, the soaps are free from perfumes, artificial colours, and preservatives and are 100% biodegradable.
Ancient Mesopotamia Gifts imports directly from Soapmakers in Nablus Palestine, Hatay Province (Biblical ancient Antioch), Ancient Mardin and Gaziantep, Southern Turkey.
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