An aspiring doctor from Monmouth School for Girls has finished runner-up in a prestigious surgical essay competition.

Caitlin Clarke, 17, is hoping to read medicine at university after her A levels at Monmouth.

And the Year 12 student showed her medical credentials in the Wales’ Schools Essay competition run by The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.

Students had to research and write an essay with the title ‘Surgical Consent: How do we truly inform?’

Caitlin said: ‘I found the topic very challenging because it is very broad and it is a subject area I didn’t know very much about.

“We had a quick turnaround so I had to research the topic quickly and work out what I wanted to say. I had to be concise because I had only 500 words to play with.”

After submitting her entry, Caitlin received an invitation to attend the 8th Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, All Wales Medical and Dental Student Surgical Research Symposium.

After making it on to the shortlist, Caitlin was announced as the runner-up in the essay competition.

“The competition has developed my interest in medicine even further and I would encourage any other aspiring doctors to keep an eye out for important competitions like this,” she said.