Andrew Burns Colwill’s new show ’20/50 Vision: Tomorrow’s Habitat’ envisions potential consequences of the decisions mankind has made for our planet, ourselves and our children

Bristolian street artist Andrew Burns Colwill – or ‘Andis’ – presents his vision of 2050 with a new exhibition titled ’20/50 Vision: Tomorrow’s Habitat’, running from 20 May to 4 June at It’s All 2 Much Gallery in Stokes Croft.

“The show title, 20/50 vision, is a play on the term 20/20 vision and how my life experience has given me a slightly warped perspective of the world,” says Andrew.

Andrew Burns Colwill

‘Waiting for the Freeze’

Andrew was one of the first street artists in Bristol (when you could only buy spray paint in garages).  Now, at just over 60, he brings a wisdom to his work as well as great talent. 

Like many artists before and since, Bristol-born Andrew Burns Colwill was a tearaway in his teens. The only way teachers could stop him from being disruptive was to leave him occupied at the back of the class to draw and paint. 

Though leaving school without qualifications, his talent meant he always worked in art – from painting backdrops and scenic work for TV and theatre or on the streets. In the early days he used untreated canvas, developing techniques using curtain linings stretched over hand-made frames and household paints.

Nowadays, Andrew is probably best known for his street art in Bristol, particularly his work outside and inside The Prince of Wales, Gloucester Road. At one point, four buildings on Bristol’s Park Street were canvases for his work – always a prolific artist, he was constantly creating new designs and images.

Andrew Burns Colwill
One of Andrew’s most famous pieces outside the Prince of Wales on Gloucester Road
Of this latest exhibition, Colwill adds: “20/50 vision for me has 2 aspects; firstly a point of view that sometimes makes people a little uncomfortable but offers a wider and alternative perspective to the norm, and secondly my interpretation of how we as a species may be faring socially and economically by the year 2050.”

Catch ’20/50 Vision: Tomorrow’s Habitat’ from 20 May – 4 June. Find out more about Andrew Burns Colwill at

Featured image: ‘Polar Bears’