Our series of photographic portraits by Charlotte Stone shows Bristol people at work. Bristol City Yoga bringing harmony to mind and body.

As you walk past the bars, cafés and colourful graffiti that Stokes Croft is known for, you might not know that a whole world of yoga, meditation, dance and more lies just a stone’s throw away.

Bristol City Yoga is the perfect place to go if you’re looking to find a slice of calm in your day, or take a moment to boost your energy levels. The studio has been a constant in this rapidly changing area for the last 10 years. It offers high quality classes across an array of yoga styles, from upbeat dynamic workouts to those that are profoundly restorative.

And it doesn’t just offer yoga classes – there’s a whole range of activities including yoga retreats, nourishing brunches and suppers, pilates, massage, alternative therapies, and health and nutrition workshops. Private classes and therapies are also available to those needing sessions at home or in the office.

Bristol-City-Yoga-1“At Bristol City Yoga, we want yoga to be available for everyone,” says studio director Laura Gilmore. “Whether you’re aged 15 or 75, if you’re 6 months pregnant, or stiff from sport – we want to share the amazing practice of yoga with you.

“Time and time again students tell us how much better they feel and how coming to the studio has transformed their lives. The yoga community in Bristol is friendly and inspiring, and we have so many dedicated students.”

Laura also leads one of the UK’s most respected yoga teacher training programmes, passing on her 25 years of yoga experience to those eager to take yoga out into the world. With a background in Ashtanga, Iyengar, Hatha yoga and meditation, it’s no wonder her students hold her in high esteem!

The studio space itself is an incredibly relaxing environment – bright and well lit with wooden floors and a beautiful oak beamed ceiling. It is also well equipped to serve the variety of people who enter through its doors every day.

A particular specialism of the studio is supporting women through the pre- and post-natal time, from pregnancy yoga classes, to birth preparation workshops and family yoga sessions. With highly qualified teachers and a welcoming atmosphere, the studio creates a safe and nurturing environment for women at this special, yet demanding, time of their lives.

Over the next year, look out for an even greater variety of classes and events on offer at Bristol City Yoga, and a new schedule of classes in Bishopston from September. Whether you’re a complete beginner or more adept with your practice, you’ll find something that suits you. n Pictured is studio director Laura Gilmore. For more information visit: www.bristolcityyoga.co.uk

Image: www.charlottestonephoto.com