Local photographer Carolyn Eaton has been documenting Bristol through a lens since she discovered her love of the city and its varied vistas, via cycling its length and breadth on a regular basis.

Carolyn moved from Essex to Bristol in 1984 to study history, and fell in love with the city and has stayed here to raise a family, ever since.

“I fell in love with the city and with my man and we’ve been here ever since, raising a family.”  Carolyn says.

Carolyn is a member of Bristol Instagram community IGersBristol where she has found a supportive group of like-minded individuals, all just itching to get out there with their cameras.  From the dusky blue light, captured so vividly in Carolyn’s work, to the action-packed festivals that Bristol is so famous for, Carolyn’s eye for detail can be viewed in her work below.

“I love Clifton Suspension Bridge – it’s beautiful whether you’re on it, under it, going over it…”

Teaming up with her partner, their combination of creativity with technical expertise has created images Carolyn is both proud of and able to present to the world.  Carolyn’s image, ‘Redcliffe Revealed’ won a slot in the 24 Hours in Bristol competition in 2014 and she has since pursued her photography relentlessly, where possible.

“Bristol is a really exciting city.  It has changed so much in thirty years.  I love the fact that I can walk to so much that the city has to offer.  I love being able to take photos of the bluebell woods in the springtime.  Bristol is the best of both worlds, we have so many green, open spaces.  The harbour was derelict when I first got here.  There is a lot of history and heritage here, Bristol has got the right mix.”  Carolyn says.

Carolyn has found inspiration in both the natural and manmade features that Bristol has to offer – including the Clifton Suspension Bridge, the Cumberland Basin and the harbour side.  She is drawn to the twilight hours existing between the last fragment of daylight and when true darkness descends.

“I do like taking photographs after the sun goes down, I like that blue hour.  I don’t like the results once the sky has gone completely black.”  Carolyn says.

Her image ‘Vanishing Point’ depicts a very ghost-like portrayal of the Clifton Suspension Bridge disappearing into a cloud of mist.  This made Flickr’s Top 25 Shots of 2015 (see below!)

DSC_6785fRccSqCarolyn’s active involvement with Bristol’s Instagram group @igersbristol and popular photography website Flickr, has given her the tools she needs to develop her own technical skills, as well as the social interaction that being a part of a like-minded community brings.  The beauty of Flickr, is being able to glean much of the technical information including exposure details, in order to self-teach the fundamentals.

“I’ve learned so much from Flickr.  I use it a lot for location tips, for working out where to go and when.  It’s a great place to check for sunset times.  The feedback on Flickr is always really positive.  Often people will offer really great and practical advice.  I can go away and teach myself.”  Carolyn says.

Carolyn captured Bristol Cathedral in all its reverence as part of the Bristol Instagram group.

“I do think the Cathedral might be the most underrated building in the city and I find I am increasingly interested in architecture, Bristol has such a wonderful mix.”  Carolyn says.


You can reach Carolyn at the following links:

Flickr:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/carolyneaton/
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/CarolynEatonPhotography/
Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/carolyn.eaton/

All images © Carolyn Eaton