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Favourite tunes are always best enjoyed when blasted loud and clear from some serious hi-fi equipment. So whether you rock out to the Rolling Stones, enjoy a boogie to Bowie, or secretly sing along to Girls Aloud when you think nobody’s home, you’re missing a trick if you haven’t sorted yourself out with one of the hottest items on the music market at the moment.

Minirigs is a Bristol-born, Bristol-based sound system outfit who offer top quality audio from their single, tiny portable speaker units – which allow you to listen to your top tracks anywhere and everywhere. Sound too good to be true? Well hearing is believing, so we caught up with founder David Trotter & co-Founder Thomas Tucker to find out more…

“The Minirig is a small, portable speaker and hi-fi, designed and built right here in Bristol,” explains Dave. “It uses a large 3” driver that really connects with the air, making it one of the loudest but cleanest sounding speakers on the market. One of our favourite features is the ability to link-up, so if you and your friends all have Minirigs you can keep daisy-chaining them together – they’re perfect for parties!

“One minute we could be designing a new product in 3D CAD software; the next, making coffee for everyone.”

“Our story is one with humble beginnings,” he continues. “It started on sunny days in beautiful parks, spent enjoying and sharing the music we love with friends. Over many years, the idea of a portable sound system, for just those occasions, evolved through a series of obsessive hobbyist creations. It was done purely for the love of music and a fascination with technology, but our DIY creations proved ever more popular as they got more refined.

“The final step was to put our products into production so we could share the great sound we’d created with others. We wanted to manufacture in the UK, and since Minirigs had grown out of the Bristol scene, it seemed the obvious choice to base our operation here.

“Both Tom and I had a strong passion for speakers and had designed large PA systems to play the music we enjoyed in some of the biggest clubs and festivals in the UK. Dave had already studied electronics at Bristol Uni, so I went to UWE to study product design, and when Dave suggested building smaller speakers we never looked back – it’s a lot easier carrying the Minirig around.

“Each day is different here at Minirigs HQ. One minute we could be designing a new product in 3D CAD software; the next, making coffee for everyone. With the small team we have currently, everyone pitches in to get jobs completed according to whatever is most important at the time.

“We currently have some very exciting products in development. Obviously audio is our speciality, so we hope to keep innovating in this area, but 2016 is set to be a very interesting year for us. So just watch this space…”

Minirigs prices start at £129.98, for more information visit: www.minirigs.co.uk