One Bristolian woman, Laura Berry, took to Facebook to tell Topshop just how she felt about the mannequins used in their Bristol Cribbs Causeway shop. As a size 10/12 herself, Laura felt the mannequins within the store were ‘quite frankly ridiculously shaped’ and that ‘not one mannequin in your store showed anything bigger than a size 6’.

Although Topshop replied stating that the mannequin is a standard UK size 10, they did mention that the models are taller than the average women at 187cm (over 6 feet) and that their body form is ‘stylised to have more impact in store’. Logistically, Topshop said, the mannequins needs to be in certain dimensions to make it easier to maneuver clothes, and because of this, they’re ‘not meant to be a representation of the average female body.’

Berry believes that strong, clever and beautiful can become intimidated by these images and this is something that we shouldn’t be objecting the youth or women of today – a strong and positive point!

Berry’s comments have sparked a magnitude of interest and support over the social media page and Topshop have said that going forward they will not be placing any further orders on this style of mannequin in response to Berry’s and other customers feedback.

Of course, there are people out there who are tall and slim, and Topshop is one of those stores that do cater for these women. It is however, a positive step forward in understanding how to display products to many women and how a company listens to their customers.



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