Drummer TV presents a documentary showing us what life is like for 16 year old Ahmed and the 80,000 other Syrians living in Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan.

The Boy On The Bicycle takes viewers on an unprecedented and fascinating guided tour lead by a 16 year-old Syrian boy, Ahmed, through one of the biggest refugee camps in the world – Zaatari in Jordan.

Ahmed is like any other boy his age, except he’s had to leave everything behind, including his toys and technology, to move to the refugee camp.

Life in Zaatari is nothing compared to home. When the Syrian civil war began in 2012 his family had to abandon their affluent lives and, with thousands of others, flee across the border to Zaatari camp for safety. Now living in a storage container for a home after his house was destroyed in the civil war, he has lived in Zaatari for three years, along with 80,000 other refugees, who can’t leave the camp without permission.

Despite their camp having everything they need, from shops to a hospital, school and football pitches, life is very different to how it was before. Ahmed doesn’t let this affect his positivity though, and he finds new ways to have fun with his friends – even if it is in a desert sandstorm followed by flooding!

As Ahmed cycles around the five mile square camp he introduces us to some of the other inspirational children who live there and we see the reality of life in a refugee camp from the unique point of view of a child.

The film aired on CBBC on Tuesday 8 December and is now available on iPlayer.

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