Bristol-based makeup artist Grace Kingsley will be bringing her creative expertise to this year’s Hobbs Fashion Show. Taking place on 6 February, at the Passenger Shed, the exclusive ‘Born & Raised in Bristol’ show will showcase the best of Bristol’s local talent in fashion, performance, music and hair design.

Doug Hobbs established Hobbs over twenty years ago, with its flagship salon on Park Row, attracting a loyal base of clients both locally and internationally. Having previously worked on television, music videos and international seminars, Doug Hobbs works alongside a team of talented stylists, to offer a tranquil environment while working to transform and pamper you.  They even have their own Hobbservatory Café Bar and a Hobbs Garden.

This February, Hobbs host their Fashion Show and will be featuring a number of local artists including Opera singer Claire Delaney, band Flowerpot, street artist Jody, jazz singer Kizzy Morrell and the Too High Theatre Company. With fashion designers Linda Thomas Eco Design, Katcha Bilek and Kimono Kimono, the night promises to be an inspiring, high-energy performance, capturing all that Bristol encompasses across the beauty, fashion and design industries.

Hair design will naturally be created by Hobbs Hairdressing and Grace Kingsley will be head of makeup design. Grace studied here in Bristol in beauty therapy, but subsequently had the opportunity to branch into other fields, and went back to college to study theatrical and special effects with much of her skill being self-taught through an intrinsic drive to succeed.

“Working with Hobbs is great, they’re such a prestigious name in Bristol – they’re really home grown.”

This year at Hobbs Fashion Show, Grace will be working alongside a team of makeup artists who all need to be ready and primed to adapt to whatever is thrown at them in terms of their creativity and the demands of the show:

“We are given a rough idea of the theme that will go in each section of the show – there are about twelve themes at the moment, and we’re sent images of the models. We will work with the hair stylists at Hobbs, and adapt our version of what they have in mind.” Grace explains.

Being surrounded by so many enthusiastic and creative designers, hair stylists and fashion gurus, it takes focus to maintain the concentration required to pull off the seamless results we will see from where we are standing:

“It’s such a buzz being involved with any fashion show – everything is so fast paced during the build up and everybody is working together. It’s all very fast, and all of a sudden that’s it, and it’s live. It’s a massive adrenaline rush. Working with Hobbs is really good, they’re such a prestigious name in Bristol – they’re really home grown.”  Grace says.

“I like things to be really crisp and clean.”

Grace’s studio is based in Hotwells where she offers generic makeup design as well as makeup lessons for the beginner through to the intermediate and beyond. Her trademark style, although very much established as an expert in bridal makeup design, Grace favours a certain aesthetic:

“I am open to anything but I really love colour and I really love simplicity. I like things to be really crisp and clean. It’s really nice to be able to keep the skin really immaculate and flawless, and add a pop of colour in. I feel that it draws everyone’s attention to it.”  Says Grace.

As for top tips, Grace suggests:

“Ditch the Kim Kardashian contouring and stick with highlighting to give your skin a bit of added sheen.”

This coming year, beyond Hobbs Fashion Show, Grace welcomes the exciting opportunities that 2016 will bring, including more international work and theatrical shows.


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The Hobbs Fashion Show comes to The Passenger Shed on 6 February.