Dauntsey’s world-famous pilot cutter, the Jolie Brise, has set sail for a transatlantic voyage after being named ‘Centenarian of the Year’

Dauntsey’s Jolie Brise has kicked off its transatlantic race by participating in the Royal Greenwich Regatta. Here, she joined an international fleet of tall ships who took over the banks of the River Thames at Greenwich and the Royal Arsenal Riverside in Woolwich for what is the first event of the Rendez-Vous 2017 Tall Ships Regatta.  A group of Fourth Form pupils from Dauntsey’s took part in the festivities and put Jolie Brise through her paces during the four-day Regatta which attracted millions of visitors.
Jolie Brise has now left Torbay and is in first position as the fleet heads for Sines in Portugal.  This forms the first race of the 7,000 nautical mile race which takes in Portugal, Bermuda and Boston, before reaching Quebec in Canada on 18 July. Jolie Brise will then race back across the Atlantic to arrive at Le Harvre, France in September.  The race will be the third Atlantic crossing for Jolie Brise where she will be sailed by a series of crews made up of existing and former Dauntsey’s pupils, parents and guests. Her adventure coincides with being voted the “Gstaad Yacht Club Centenarian of the Year” in Classic Boat Magazine’s annual Awards.
“The Greenwich Regatta was a wonderful experience for our pupils where they were able to rub shoulders with other sailors from around the world,” said Mark Lascelles, Head Master at Dauntsey’s.
“Greenwich certainly provided a fitting send-off for this ambitious voyage for Jolie Brise.  We wish all the crew members the best of luck on the first leg of the race from Torbay at the start of this thrilling adventure across the Atlantic.  We will certainly be tracking her progress closely.”
You can follow Jolie Brise on her journey using this fleet tracker: http://yb.tl/rdv2017
About Rendez-Vous 2017
Rendez-Vous 2017 Tall Ships Regatta is a maritime celebration that offers all participants a unique chance to embark on an epic adventure, whilst commemorating the rich history of sailing in Canada and around the world. This year’s Regatta will be particularly special as it marks the 150th anniversary of the Canadian Confederation, the process by which the British Colonies of Canada, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick were united into one Dominion of Canada on 1st July 1867.
The Route

Pupils from Dauntsey’s will have the opportunity to participate in four different legs through the summer season:
  • Gaspé, Gulf of St Lawrence to Quebec City, Sunday 9th July – Saturday 22nd July.
Jolie Brise will cruise with other vessels in the Tall Ships fleet to the outer reaches of the Gulf of St Lawrence, stopping at various ports and spotting different marine species such as Narwhals and Hump Back Whales.   She will sail on to Quebec to gather with other Tall Ships from all over the world to participate in the festivities planned for Canada’s 150th birthday party.
  • Quebec City to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Friday 21 July – Tuesday 1 August 
Jolie Brise will enjoy the final festivities in Quebec City before cruising with the rest of the Tall Ships fleet down the St Lawrence, visiting various ports en route, cutting inside Prince Edward Island and then between Cape Breton Island and Nova Scotia, via Port Hawkesbury and then into Halifax.
  • Halifax, Nova Scotia to Le Havre, France, Monday 31 July – Saturday 2 September 
Setting off from Halifax, Jolie Brise will race across the north North Atlantic, cutting across the Gulf Stream and Labrador Current.  Once across the Atlantic, she will cross the race finish line south of the Isle of Wight, then cruise in the Solent, France and Channel Islands before going into Le Havre (where she was built) for the final Tall Ships in-port event to celebrate the Rendez-Vous 2017 festivities.
  • Le Havre, France to Hamble, UK, Saturday 2 September – Thursday 7 September
Jolie Brise will join the in-port festivities in Le Havre before cruising to the Hamble along the Normandy coasts, sailing back across the Channel and returning to Hamble to complete the summer sailing season.
All pupils at Dauntsey’s enjoy a wide variety of sporting and adventurous activities and are encouraged to develop a strong spirit of adventure.  For further information about Dauntsey’s School, visit dauntseys.org
Featured image © Rick Tomlinson