Now that winter is here, it’s not unusual to pick up the odd sniffle. Here at The Bristol Magazine, we like to keep our health in check by a combination of good conversation, uplifting music and a boosting cup of tea. And when the sun is shining and the skies are blue, we can feel that vitamin D pulsing through our veins, just lifting our mood.

Pukka Teas are based in Bristol, and dedicated to the health benefits that tea can offer. Pukka Herbs are specially selected for their unique qualities in enhancing health and wellbeing. With an expert team of passionate and knowledgeable staff, Pukka know the secret to using organic teas for positive health – ensuring they use only organically grown herbs. When it comes to choice, Pukka offer everything from their Detox blend with sweet aniseed and fennel to their winter-warmer Wild Apple & Cinnamon blend, with a hint of ginger root and spicy clove. Their unique blend Woman Kind featuring ruby-red cranberries, rose and a hint of vanilla, will keep you feeling alert and balanced. This winter, with all its frantic shopping and preparation for the festive season ahead, we like their Relax blend – with chamomile, oat flowering tops, fennel seed and marshmallow root. Guaranteed to give you that cosy, fluffy feeling.  Pukka can be found at

When it comes to tea for immunity, Bristol really does have an abundance of tea-houses. We’ve selected our favourites for their health and wellbeing benefits.

Bristol Tea Company

Bristol Tea Company

Bristol Tea Company

Importing tea from India and Sri Lanka, the Bristol Tea Company offer an incredibly diverse range of teas – including white, oolong, green and black tea varieties. Finding a wealth of inspiration from Makaibari Estate in Darjeeling, James Gillam set up the company in 2011. White tea is renowned for its purifying qualities as being a leaf that is full of antioxidants. We love the White Bai Mu Dan variety, a speciality of the Darjeeling region, with its rich soil quality and unique, high altitude climate.

Although predominantly an online trader, they will be exhibiting at various events in Bristol this winter – including the Fairtrade Christmas Fayre on 26 November, the Northstreet Christmas Fayre on 28 November and the Harbourside Market on 29 November.

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The Tea Birds

Situated at the base of Park Street, The Tea Birds is an independent vintage tea room, offering fine loose teas, using local suppliers. Apart from the homemade selection of cakes and savoury items on offer, they offer a wide range of teas with health benefits. Served fresh in Bone China teapots, we enjoyed their white tea leaf, Silver Needle, boasting anti-oxidant properties.  The Decaf Karma tea is also a wise choice if feeling under the weather this winter – uplifting and refreshing, and providing that much-needed energy injection.

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Caffe Clifton

In the heart of Clifton, is Caffe Clifton. Specialising in Chinese teas, sourced directly from Bristol-based suppliers ATTIC, who ship their teas from China, they believe in the power of TeaTox and hold regular tea-tasting sessions each month, to help harness the natural benefits of tea.

With anti-oxidant rich white tea varieties, and brain-boosting green teas, as well as the traditional oolong tea.  All are infused with natural, health-harmonising qualities and flavours – including our favourites: White Tea with Vanilla Goji Berries and Lemon Balm; Black Tea with Peppermint, Rose and Liquorice; and Pu’erh Tea with Rooibos, Orange and Vanilla.

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Cox & Baloneylp

Renowned for their vintage tea parties, Cox & Baloney doesn’t have to involve over-indulgence. With their tasteful range of specialist and herb-infused teas, you only need enter this tranquil haven of serenity, tucked in away from the hustle and bustle of Gloucester Road, and you’ll feel your stresses evaporate.

We particularly like the Lucky Lady Dora – an energising boost of Rooibos Mangosteen, Green Rooibos, pineapple, coconut and lemongrass. For those of us who are finding the shorter daylight hours impacting on our cognitive powers, we choose the Memories Garden Loose Tea – with lemon balm, oregano, rosemary, scizandra berries, lavender and mullein flowers – for improved mood and memory. For a herbal detox cleanse, try The Temperance (with nettle, organic Rooibos, chamomile, mint, ginger, fennel, liquorice root and sage – see recipe below).

The Temperance
Leaves of nettle, organic rooibos, flowers of chamomile, mint
leaves, ginger, fennel, liquorice root, leaves of sage & peppermint.
Infuse for 5 minutes.

Its a very refreshing tea with a mild mint flavour which has many health benefits including acting as a sleeping aid, digestive cleanser, anti-inflammatory, and with a high iron content making it excellent for combating anaemia and fatigue. This tea is great for drinking after a meal or before going to bed. This is a completely herbal blend, which means there is no caffeine and it is free from tannins, which can make the tea taste bitter.

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Arch House Deli

Housed in the picturesque Clifton Village is Bristol’s Arch House Deli specialising in the purifying benefits of Chinese and white teas. Stocking Jeeves & Jericho tea and the Cornish based Tregothnan, they are dedicated to sourcing only the highest quality of tea leaves.

For a warming tonic to the winter weather, try sipping on a steaming mug of the Smokey Russian Caravan – a fiery blend of black leaf Keemun, Assam, Darjeeling and Tarry Lapsang Souchong. Inspired by the Silk Road trading routes, we admire its mystique. For a soothing cuppa, we like their China Pai Mu Tan tea – renowned to be the most unprocessed tea in the world and derived from white peonies grown in the Chinese Fujian province. This one is crammed full of anti-oxidants for maintaining consistent health.

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Cupp Teaimage3

Putting the ‘cosy’ into container – this Taiwanese tradition of ‘Bubble Tea’ lends itself to a converted shipping container just outside of Cabot Circus.  Inspired by authentic living in Taiwan, the trademark tea contains the  unique tapioca pearl – injecting a shot of pure indulgence to your tea. Our favourites are the Matcharo Tea — containing Matcha green tea mixed with taro. For something more comforting, go for the Matcha Bubble Milk Tea – a rich and soothing mix.

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