Around 150 boys from across the region united to compete in Monmouth School’s inaugural U12 Sevens Rugby Tournament on Wednesday

Teams from 16 schools played at least four games each throughout the day, in the hopes of winning the shield or the coveted cup.

Amid stunning tries and tackles, new friendships were forged and old mates were reunited.

Players from Marling School in Stroud were victors in the finals for the shield against Monmouth School, and boys from Sir Thomas Rich’s were worthy overall winners, taking the cup from Newbridge.

Monmouth School

“The standard of play was really impressive all day,” said Jon Despontin, Master in Charge of Rugby at Monmouth School. “I wanted to organise the tournament because there’s nothing similar at the moment for the U12s.

“It’s been a good way to get the community together and it’s a good idea to have the Welsh and English schools playing together. It’s been great for the boys to learn tournament play. It’s gone really well and very smoothly.

“We’re definitely going to try to make it an annual event.”

Dr Andrew Daniel, Headmaster of Monmouth School, was on hand to present each boy with a medal for taking part and congratulate them on their performance.

Mr Despontin thanked every member of staff who gave up their time to volunteer on the pitch and help make the tournament such a huge success.

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