Quick-thinking scientists pooled their knowledge of chemistry, zoology and physics to whiz through to the finals of a national quiz competition

The Grange Monmouth Preparatory School’s four-strong team will compete in the final round of Quiz Club’s Science Inter-School Quiz Championships at Oxford University on March 3.

It comes after Bill Arrand, Srinivas Rengarajan, Sam Rolls and Head Boy, Oliver Lloyd, were runners up at the semi-finals held at Cathedral School in Cardiff last Friday.

The Grange

The pupils, in Preps III and IV, won a total of 1945 points coming second only to Cathedral School who gained 2030 marks.

Dr Sion Wall, science and technology teacher at The Grange, was delighted with the boys’ impressive performance.“I’m so incredibly proud of the team – this is brilliant news for them,” he said.

“They came a very close second in the semis, it was really tense as we were leading going into the last round. Cathedral only took the lead back on the third question from the end. But it was a very high score and The Grange won the best runners-up spot. The boys couldn’t be more excited about going through to the final.”

Quiz Club’s events offer a stimulating and challenging way to broaden pupils’ scientific knowledge whilst giving schools a unique platform for their most able scientists to showcase their abilities.

From the solar system to the smallest creatures on earth, from inventions that transform our world to science in our everyday lives, the quizzes engage, motivate and inspire children in Years 5 and 6.

As well as being encouraged to explore a wide breadth of science, taking part in the championships has reinforced team work, boosted the boys’ confidence and taught them to think strategically.

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