Bristol is a vibrant city full of fun and exciting activities for its citizens, and this trend continues for expectant mothers in the city. There has never been so many different services and experts available for mums-to-be to make the most of, from exercise classes to alternative therapies, mums need no longer rely purely on traditional ante-natal classes to prepare them for bump, birth and baby. There are a plethora of options out there, so we decided to take a look at a select few.

waterbumps-smFor women looking for a way to stay in shape as their bump grows, WaterBumps is an aqua-based exercise class, which takes expectant mothers through a series of ‘deconstructed’ swimming skills, yoga stances and relaxation techniques, plus pelvic-floor, strengthening and breathing techniques. By performing these exercises in water, the body is supported and gentle exercise becomes more effective due to the natural resistance of the water. It means that mums-to-be can perform stretches that would not be possible on dry land. Click Here For More Info

Ali Burlingham, founder of WaterBumps comments,
“We want to help mums-to-be and mums feel good about themselves whilst providing a relaxing and friendly environment for some much-needed me time! Exercise has emotional benefits, as well as physical ones, boosting endorphins and providing a sense of wellbeing, it induces better sleep patterns and higher energy levels, all of which help women to relax and cope better with the changes that pregnancy and motherhood bring.”

Fans of complementary therapies can benefit from the expertise of The Natural Pregnancy Partnership, a group of experienced therapists offering specialist care and support from pre-conception through to post-pregnancy and beyond. A full range of therapies, classes, and workshops, such as reproductive reflexology, hypnobirthing, baby massage and many more are all available under one roof.

Should you be in need of a specialist osteopath support during pregnancy then The Family Practice is likely to suit your needs, specialising in pre and post-natal mums. These experienced osteopaths help the body to adapt to the physical and hormonal challenges placed upon it through pregnancy, thereby alleviating pain and discomfort, and post-natally help the body to recover by improving strength and flexibility, as well as giving support and advice.

Or if you’re looking for ante-natal classes with a little something extra, then Relaxed Birth and Parenting offers wonderful support for new parents, be it ante-natal yoga and birth workshops or post-natal groups and doula services, with group or one-to-one sessions available. It’s all about relaxing and gaining confidence along the way to becoming a parent.

Pregnancy is such a special time, so it’s important that women feel supported and in control throughout. These local services endeavour to make this a reality for mums-to-be in Bristol, so that the city’s newest residents are set to arrive in the hands of relaxed, happy, well-prepared parents.