Rehabilitation case management business HCML is opening a new office in Temple Gate which will employ 10 people within two years

The Bristol team will support people injured in accidents by project managing their healthcare and recovery, recommending treatment plans and co-ordinating healthcare professionals, insurers, employers and solicitors.

It will work with insurance firms and solicitors by managing a fast-track rehabilitation service to support musculoskeletal insurance claims like whiplash – which have risen by 50 per cent over the past decade to record levels (878,000 in 2015, according to the government’s claims portal).

“Our skill comes from knowing which cases to escalate and which to fast-track,” said chief executive Keith Bushnell, who’ll offer a new type of “triage assessment” from the Bristol office – a speedy, structured telephone interview to put people on the right clinical pathway.

“We will simplify administration for insurance firms and solicitors referring patients, and many of these firms will be from the buoyant business community in Bristol,” he added.

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