On 23 January, Jelli Records present their annual Acoustic Festival at Colston Hall. Now in its twelfth year, the festival will be welcoming locally based artists including She Makes War, The Honeyfire and actor/musician Heather Peace.

Jelli Records have worked with local-to-Bristol artists over the years, including Beth Rowley, as founder Steve Parkhouse says:

“I was at the Jools Holland concert in Colston Hall recently and Beth Rowley came on and sang with Jools Holland, so we were quite proud to see that. Some of the other acts we’re working with are coming along really well – we’re pleased to invite some of our own acts to play at the festival.”

Heather Peace will be performing at the Acoustic Festival, appearing alongside Son of Dave as headliners.  Heather’s acting career has seen her appearing in television series ‘Waterloo Road’, yet music is something that has always been a huge part of her identity:

“I came from a very musical family. My Mum sings and my grandfather was a pianist and would often sit and play and sing. I was brought up in the Catholic Church and became a soloist there as a youngster. I think if it’s in you you’ll just sing. Music moved me from a very young age and if there was a song I loved I’d want to learn it on the piano and sing it.”  Heather explains.

“I played The Thekla in Bristol and absolutely loved the vibe in there. I’d be very happy to go back!”

Heather released her album ‘The Thin Line’ in June 2014 and will be touring across the UK and Germany this year.  Heather admits that it is the peace and clarity she finds in recording her new music, that really inspires her:

“Recording the new music you’ve just completed is my absolute favourite part of the whole job. It’s quiet and concentrated and brilliant and bonkers all in the same day. Every day.”  Heather explains.

Heather has been working on her new EP to be released this spring, and has previously played in Bristol at The Thekla.  Her songwriting brings out an honesty and truth where she has often found the space to express otherwise hidden aspects of who she is:

“Writing music really helped me when I wasn’t feeling good in my life.  Writing lyrics and feeling things through music would often make me feel better about situations when I’d completed the song. Perhaps it’s like a diary. Writing things down can often help you figure things out.”  She explains.

Evolving both throughout her on-screen career and musical career on stage, Heather has reached a point in life where she feels settled, content and most true to herself:

“I feel good in my life right now so inspiration is different. I’m a very lucky person. I make a living from doing a job I love and recording music. I’ve worked with talented, brilliant people. It’s made me very happy.”  Heather says.

“We all owned the feeling that went with “Jagged Little Pill” back in the 90s!”

Performing, be it in acting or as a musician, has always come as second nature to Heather who always had aspirations to follow a path in performance arts:

“Sure, there are pressures and doubts that come and go, but the bottom line is that I get to do the job I always wanted to do from being a child. Performing is second nature to me. I’ve performed on stage since I was 10 years old. I honestly don’t know what else I could do!”  She says.

Ultimately, it is her desire to continue learning and growing as a performer and as a person, that fuels her creativity and generates new opportunities along the way, including her upcoming appearance at this year’s Acoustic Festival, her new EP release and a tour across the UK and Germany.

“I think the minute you think you have nothing to learn you should just give up. That’s the beauty of any art. There’s no right or wrong way so it’s always changing, growing and developing. The vast amount of music available to us at any time is astonishing these days. Music is there to move & inspire people.”  Heather says.

A big fan of the Bristol music scene, Heather feels an affinity for the bands to have come out of the city, as she explains:

“The Bristol music scene literally just makes me think of Portishead and Massive Attack, the soundtrack of my youth, there’s not much more can be said is there? It doesn’t get any bigger than that for me! And that’s saying something, seeing as I was in Manchester when the scene blew up there in the 90s. But my heart was in Bristol.”

Heather Peace’s Official Website:  www.heatherpeace.com


Tickets are now on sale for the Bristol Acoustic Music Festival at Colston Hall, which is to be held on 23 January 2016 priced at only £30 (plus admin fee).  The price of the tickets also includes entry to the workshops.

For more information:  www.jelli-records.com

Tickets can be purchased online:  www.colstonhall.org