The Bristol-born psych-rock-pop band have had a busy 2016 playing festivals like Isle of Wight, Leeds and Reading, and supporting some of their biggest musical heroes, as well as embarking on a UK-wide tour to close the year. On 4 November they’ll be in front of a legion of local fans when they return home to play The Fleece – we grabbed a fleeting five with the boys ahead of the show…

TBM: How has the UK tour been?
TSB: Pretty smooth so far – lots of people coming out to watch live music. The UK is a great place to tour as you can play the corners of the country and everywhere in between in just a few weeks. 

Tickets are selling well for the Fleece show! What’s the most memorable night you’ve had at the venue?
We watched our first ever live band at The Fleece – El Guapo – so we’re going to have to say that’s the most memorable night – however it was a long time ago and we can’t actually remember much… except funk, lots of funk. We look forward to the 4th! See you there…

We’re looking forward to hearing the album in the New Year – what can we expect in addition to the tunes already released?
Big choruses… And lots more silver and gold.

Tell us about the artwork you’ve been using…
Our artwork is by an artist named Destiny Womack from the US. Her use of colour and style of painting caught our attention immediately and we got her on board the same day we discovered her work. Each piece is unique to the track it represents.

sun free

You’re packing a lot of gear – what’s the hero gadget of the moment?
GoPros are the shit. 

What’s in the diary for 2017 so far?
The M4 and M5 probably… Oh, and global domination as always.

Biggest inspiration right now?
Ray Manzarek. His optimism knew no bounds. Oh and Mikey Jonns – that man needs knighting.

Dream rider?
Just burgers mate, Elvis style.

Best gig so far?
Hands down, Cardiff City Stadium back in July, supporting Stereophonics. It was amazing to experience gigging at that level. Cheers BC.

Describe your look and sound…
A metallic asteroid shooting though the atmosphere of a 24-hour festival of love, light and magic.

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Lead image © Joelle Sayles / Devoted Productions