Wild Air Run, Europe’s largest inflatable slide, is coming to Bristol at the end of September

60 metres long, eight metres high and four lanes wide, the Wild Air Run is bringing Europe’s largest inflatable slide to the stunning grounds of Blaise Castle on 30 September as part of a 5K inflatable obstacle course. The event seen over 40,000 people partake in Ireland over the summer and is now coming to UK shores for the very first time. The dynamic fun run features 10 giant inflatable obstacles as part of the interactive 5K course.

The Wild Air Run can be undertaken by all fitness levels and the focus is on fun, not endurance. It can be undertaken by the fitness fanatic right through to the armchair athlete and everyone in between. The 10 obstacles combine agility, creativity and a vast amount of fun. The event is for both adults and children, from seven years old and above, and is a very enjoyable day for all the family.

Event Manager Ronan O’Kelly said, “We can’t wait to come to Bristol this Autumn. This event truly shows how fun it can be to get outdoors with friends or family of all ages, it’s really an event that everyone can partake in. The course can be walked or ran, it isn’t a timed event and the focus truly is on fun and getting active.”

Begin the race by tackling the staircase start-line, zig-zag through the maze and have a ball in the giant ball pit. Before you can claim victory over the Wild Air Run you will finish with Europe’s biggest inflatable slide. There will also be a ‘Chill Zone’, an area for both participants and spectators to relax and enjoy music, games and food and drink from local vendors.

The event will kick off its first wave at 10:00a.m with additional waves running in 20-minute intervals until 3:00p.m.

Tickets for the Super Milk Wild Air Run are on sale now at www.wildairrun.com. Discounted early bird tickets, at up to 20% off, are currently available for a limited time only.