Originally from Gothenburg in Sweden, Moa Smith has been crafting bespoke jewellery in silver and gold since 1998 with an eye for the unique detail encompassed within her clean, elegant and individual designs.

Moa completed an apprenticeship as a Silversmith on the Isle of Wight, and has been working as an independent jeweller in the UK and the USA, for the past thirteen years.

Inspired by her Swedish heritage, Moa enjoys mixing her Scandinavian influences with those within Bristol. With each item hand made from her workshop at home, Moa’s approach is entirely personal.  From silver drop leaf earrings, to the graceful Blue Wave silver and opal wedding sets, these designs reflect both a simplicity and a deep understanding of both her art, and her surroundings.

Moa explains:

“Each time I go back to Sweden, I find inspiration for my jewellery in the wild, rocky landscape shaped by the ice and the open sea. This, together with the beautiful countryside around Bristol, has, over the years, developed an organic theme to my work.”

Moa Smith’s jewellery is currently exhibiting at the Lime Tree Gallery until 2 December.