Hello, my name is Julian Cox and my company Julian Cox Artist was established in the late 1980s. I started my company as a need to have something stimulating in my life and work in wood, bronze and Indian ink.

WALL4MEsmFollowing a Foundation Year at Filton College, I studied for three years at Roger de Grey’s PRA, City & Guilds of London Art School, followed by a Post Grad course at University of London Goldsmiths’ College; even still though, I am still learning.

My art encapsulates refined simplicity, beauty and mystery (hopefully) and I am inspired by the female form combined with well engineered functional items. Bristol’s history of pride and achievement are important to me. In particular, the City Museum has sparked many ideas.  Examples of excellence have inspired me to never neglect the quality of craftsmanship I use in my work.

REACH.ibI was very proud to be elected to the Royal British Society of Sculptors in 2006 and am delighted with my new series of Sculptures ‘Ten Torsos.’ I cast these bronzes, which are limited to nine editions, three months ago and have already sold six of the first edition. So many people have said such positive things about them. They are twelve inches tall and are mounted on ebonised hardwood mounts; a perfect size as a pair on a mantelpiece.


So what does the future have in store? In the short term, I intend to work on two more collections of bronze sculptures that I have in mind. In the long term, who knows.


Visit my website: www.juliancoxartist.co.uk. Clients regularly visit my Bristol studio (by appointment: e@juliancoxartist.co.uk m.07814 556936.)

Ink Drawings start at £245, bronze sculpture start at £800 and carved sculptures start at £300.