Tovi-Sorga-1Hi, I’m Tovi Sorga, and an independent artist, designer and craftsman of bespoke, printed leather fashion accessories. I established my company in January 2009. I specialise in printed leather, and when I first started, the gadget world was exploding, iPods then iPhones etc. No one was really using printed leather at the time to cover those gadgets, so it was a great opportunity for me and my business. I’m also one of the only leather-craft artisans creating for the fashion market in the UK who works with printed leather.


Juliette_003I like to encapsulate modern trends and traditional craft in my art, and I use printed leather, and leather. I’m all self-taught and I love working in Bristol, since I moved from London around 4 years ago, it meant that I could breathe creatively, London felt really constricting. The Bristol vibe helps one relax into my work. It has the edge I need and the laid backness away from the rat race. Nature really inspires me, old botanical and biological illustrations and a few trips to London I have to admit. Each product is designed and printed in-house, and then hand-stitched on a vintage Singer sewing machine – the only tool with which to achieve absolute control and accuracy in the manufacturing process.


Lace_104 To date it’s been great, as I have worked with great people, on collaborations, and explored the lovely ever-evolving leather medium. Looking forward, I’m going to put a lot more emphasis into design, really polish my work and release collections that will blow people’s minds. You can find my products on my shiny new website

The current collection on my website is dedicated to parties. A playful, elegant and tactile experience. Bringing a smile to your face before you even got there.