My Name is Sky Siouki. I graduated from Nottingham Trent University last year with a first class honours in textile design. I moved to Southville, Bristol in March and am loving living here. I’m specialised in digitally printed textiles and sell luxury cushions, lavender bags and greetings cards.
My aim is to offer beautiful unique textiles that are also ethically produced in the UK. The collection is called ‘A Curious Kingdom’ indulging in vivid, fantastical ideals, suggestive of a vintage children’s storybook. My parents both have very creative backgrounds and I think my mum secretly had it planned for me since I was in the womb. I remember she used to stretch a big sheet of paper on a board for me and then let me loose with sponges, pens, glitter and a shoebox full of assorted sweet wrappers and fabric scraps. She also taught me to sew pretty early on so I’d always be making somewhat ragged outfits for my dolls or little homemade gifts.

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Wildlife has always been the foundation of my inspiration for a project. With this collection I wanted to create my own imagined wonderland full of kittens, rabbits, eagles and mythical horses. My inspiration came from quite an eclectic range of sources; from fairytales, vintage imagery and other textile designers to collage, photography and abstract painters. Once I’ve gathered lots of research I spend good solid few weeks filling my sketchbook. You can find some of my creature inspired collection in the new Lab Shop on Bristol’s historic Harbourside.