Thomas Page is an award-winning Bristolian photographer, who has worked with clients across Bristol, including Ujima Radio and Shoutout.  He has also worked on a film titled ‘Cal’ presented by Christian Martin & Bonne Idée Productions.  Thomas is the founding member of the Bristol Photography Group.

His recent photograph titled ‘Police Rush’ appeared as part of ‘The Magic Hour’ competition held in conjunction with the ’24 Hours in Bristol’ photographic competition previously.  Thomas works as a medical receptionist, alongside his photography, which has been a source of inspiration for his work, as he explains:

“In the 17 years that I have worked for the NHS in a variety of GP surgeries, I have certainly come across people from all walks of life.  From people who live in Clifton in surprising poverty, when on the outside they seem like they are well off.  To elderly patients with some amazing life stories from wars in far off lands decades ago.”

Thomas’ image gained the attention of judges in the recent photography contest, and as he recognises, Bristol is a dynamic city in which to hone your photography skills:

“I find that Bristol is an excellent city for people with creative talent, I think it’s probably to do partly with the fact that there are so many different parts of Bristol having an arty undercurrent.  Stokes Croft & Clifton Suspension bridge certainly inspire me.”  Thomas says.

Thomas started up the Bristol Photography Group as a means of connecting like-minded individuals across the city, as he explains:

“I had heard of ‘’ (which sounds like a dating site!) and thought that there might be other people like myself who wanted to learn photography in a relaxed environment with like-minded people. I have been running the group since January 2010. It has totally exploded in size, we have over 1100 BPG-ers (as the members are known), so I must be doing something right.”

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