Two brothers from Monmouth School Boys’ Prep topped the scales in a hotly-contested pumpkin growing competition.

The pumpkin grown by seven-year-old Tom Butt was so large he needed a wheelbarrow to transport it into the main hall at the school for the weigh-in.

Tom’s giant fruit weighed an impressive 36.9 kg, while his 10-year-old brother James grew the second heaviest pumpkin in the school at 33.7kg.

Tom said: “I watered my pumpkin a lot of times and it’s brilliant to have grown the heaviest one in the school.”

Brother James said: “I have been battling to get first place in the pumpkin competition after being narrowly beaten three times in a row, so I am glad my brother has won it. We have to thank the help of slug and snail repellents, three deep holes, water and lots and lots of manure for our success.”

Headteacher at Monmouth School Boys’ Prep, Mr Neil Shaw, said: “Growing a pumpkin successfully can take three months so the boys showed a lot of patience, nurturing skills and excellent judgement. It’s an annual event at the school and the standard of competition gets better every year. Everyone who took part should be very proud of their efforts.”


Main image: Brothers Tom and James Butt and Olly Jones with their impressive pumpkins