Bringing global, ethical, graceful style to Bristol, Marcelle Fletcher’s brand new venture, Movement Boutique is now open on Alma Road in Clifton. We found out more about what inspired Marcelle to create her own fashion emporium dedicated to fair trade, sustainable products.

Movement Boutique is committed to providing a constantly evolving, empathetically minded fashion and home wear range in Clifton. The products are sourced thoughtfully and with the real stories behind the fashion being the main motivation for Marcelle’s product choices.

Marcelle has sought to bring something with added value, both stylistically and ethically, to Bristol.  Bringing in a whole range of influences to her new store, including Catalan collection Sita Murt, Copenhagen based Plus Fine, and Danish brand Mads-Norgaard, Marcelle is committed to providing an always innovative, constantly adapting range at Movement Boutique.

“These designers, especially in Copenhagen, are blazing a trail. It’s been a nightmare to find ethical and sustainable clothing, a lot of it out there is so plain. I’m not an eco-warrior, my background is in the public sector – I always worked for the good of other people, and wanted to continue this in a business sense.” Marcelle explains.

Marcelle recently moved to Bristol to begin a new life, where her sister Leah already resides. She has received a start-up loan and works closely with Business West.

Marcelle worked in a boutique in Islington and Crouch End for one year, and learned a lot from the experience. A friend in Peckham owned a boutique and the lure of starting her own shop eventually took its hold on Marcelle as she decided to pursue her dreams here in Bristol.

Situated on the vibrant Alma Road in Clifton, the new emporium promises to offer something far from the madding crowd.

Marcelle has chosen her products in keeping with her own values – sustainability, ethical awareness and eco-friendly living.

With reclaimed and up-cycled furniture on display, the atmosphere within Movement Boutique will reflect that of lived-in chic with a genuine understanding of the ethical stories behind the brands sold.

Marcelle has chosen her products in keeping with her own values – sustainability, ethical awareness and eco-friendly living. We particularly like the Wild Planet range – organically created aromatherapy, essential oils and botanical fragrances.  Hiro & Wolf’s jewellery range is exquisite and authentic – telling the stories from Kenya and the Kenyan artists who have handcrafted each item. Then there are the gorgeously casual styles from Catalan designer Sita Murt – natural, strong and the ideal choice for the adventurously spirited woman.

One thing’s for certain:  Movement Boutique is here to stay.

Movement Boutique can be found at 66 Alma Road in Clifton, Bristol.