New Bristol Brewery School will be the first of its kind in the UK to be based in a functioning brewery, offering a range of courses for budding brewers

The South West has long been cider central, but in recent years a surge in the craft beer industry has seen breweries and specialist shops cropping up all over the place. And now, fans of the hop juice can learn the tricks of the trade themselves at New Bristol Brewery School – the first in the UK to be based in a functioning brewery.

Family-run business New Bristol Brewery has been creating traditional and experimental beers for the past four years, with tempting brews including Japan, ‘an easy drinking pale with Jasmine and Green Tea’; 365, ‘a 100% standing up beer’; and Like a Version, ‘brewed with coriander seeds, lemongrass, dried limes and orange peel’. 

Head brewer Noel, whose Super Deluxe Stout recently won best craft ale at Bristol Beer Festival, will be heading up the school, which will offer students a hands-on experience to go with the brewery’s ‘hands-on beers’ motto (they’re not kidding, shifting 500kgs of malted barley is no mean feat).

For budding brewers, the new courses will cover all of the essentials and beyond, including ingredients, tastes and styles of beer, brewing techniques, cellar hygiene and even bar staff training.

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New Bristol Brewery School