The UK’s leading holistic cancer charity, Penny Brohn, is looking for runners to raise valuable funds at the Bristol Half Marathon on 25 September.

People can still brave the Bristol Half or enjoy the end of summer with a picnic to help a Bristol-based cancer charity.
The UK’s leading holistic cancer charity Penny Brohn UK has discounted £25 places and suggests £200 minimum sponsorship for the 13.1-mile event on Sunday, September 25.
“Every penny raised will help Penny Brohn continue to provide its free life-changing courses” – Emma Smith, charity spokeswoman
The £200 would fund a person on the charity’s flagship Living Well course, which highlights how areas such as diet, exercise and stress management can help before, during and after treatment.
For those who like a slower pace of life, the charity is running its first Picnics for Penny, which encourages people to pack a picnic, enjoy the great outdoors and hold a collection.
Spokeswoman Emma Smith said: “It’s not too late to brave the Bristol Half for us. If you already have a place, why not run for us?
penny brohn runners
“We’ll fully support you, providing fundraising and training tips, and a free personalised running vest.
“If that’s not your cup of tea, why not a relaxing picnic whilst sparing some change.
 Every penny raised will help Penny Brohn continue to provide its free life-changing courses, to help people to live as well with cancer as possible.”
To take part in either or for more information, call Emma on 01275 370075 or email

Living with Cancer

  • Around 352,000 people are diagnosed with cancer in the UK annually
  • Over 2.5 million people live with or beyond cancer in the UK
  • Around 1/4 of people with or beyond cancer face disability or poor health post-treatment
  • Over 1/3 of people are anxious or depressed

How Penny Brohn Help

In 2014, Penny Brohn UK received Department of Health (DH) funding to offer a Wellness Packageto people with cancer and their close supporters.

It comprised: 60 of Penny Brohn’s flagship Living Well courses, reaching 519 people, and 12 months’ Follow Up support.

Principally results showed:

  • Concerns and wellbeing improved
  • People could better self-manage health
  • People changed how they accessed healthcare services

Reflecting on specific changes:

  • 84% said the course helped improve diet
  • 69% said it helped improve exercise
  • 90% said it helped improve using self-help techniques
  • 67% said it helped improve their relationships
  • 87% said they made “a few” or “lots” of positive lifestyle changes

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