1. Sign up for a flashmob

Part of Dance Village’s epic weekend programme, Protein Dance is breaking away from the Dance Performance Village for a flashmob of epic proportions, on Cascade Steps.  Protein Dance’s (In)visible Dancing takes place on Saturday 16th July at Cascade Steps. Those keen to get involved can head along to a number of routine workshops to get the steps nailed, before taking part in the big finale on Saturday.

Sign up here

  1. Check out Jenny Griffith’s DJ Derek Tribute

Jenny Griffiths will be spreading the one love vibes following the passing of one of Bristol Harbour Festival’s most loved performers. DJ Derek’s sets were always a highlight of Bristol Harbour Festival and Jenny will be paying tribute to the much-missed Bristol legend with Sweet Memory Sounds, Saturday 6:45 at Lloyds Amphitheatre.

  1. Have a cuppa at the Pukka Tea Rooms

English Breakfast, Earl Grey, slabs of delicious cake and Perecol Coffee’s finest blends; Pukka Tea Rooms has the lot. Right by the Amphitheatre, the Pukka Tea Rooms is the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of Bristol Harbour Festival and chill with a perfect brew. Once you’re feeling refreshed and revitalised you can head over to the vintage and retro market, which is just next door.

  1. Take the kids to see Andy Day.

CBeebies presenter Andy Day will be performing at the Cirque Bijou Kid’s Area in Castle Park, regaling audiences with his songs about aliens and ninja pigs, expect epic sing-alongs and dinosaur raps, so you better get learning the lyrics.

  1. See some crazy flyboarding

With waterfront activities stretching up the harbour towards Castle Park, you’ll be spoiled for choice at this year Bristol Harbour Festival. However the flyboarders have always been a firm favourite and they’re back to show off their superhuman skills, surfing into the air and diving back into the water as the give festival onlookers an amazing display of this extreme sport.