Live music experiences don’t come more zany than The Flaming Lips – who are all set to perform at Colston Hall this Sunday, following the release of their much-anticipated, self-produced new studio album Oczy Mlody.

The experimental triple-Grammy winners from Oklahoma City, led by flamboyant frontman Wayne Coyne – who you’ll often find rolling over crowds in his giant hamster ball – make up one of the most enduring and unpredictable bands of their generation, and have become festival favourites with their ridiculously out-there, inflatable-strewn stage scenes.

The band formed in 1983 but found more mainstream prominence after hit albums The Soft Bulletin (in 1999) and Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots (in 2002), and their irreverent style, infused with a fascination with science fiction, theatrics and existential concepts, has given them a real streak of individuality. Expect everything from the life-affirming synth riffs of Race For The Prize to the ethereal, cosmic new soundscape of There Should Be Unicorns, and plenty of eccentric ecstasy in between. We’re super-intrigued to see how the spectacle will translate to the Colston Hall stage and what space-opera inspired, immersive psychedelia will ensue as the set unfolds into what is bound to be a characteristically unique show.

Lead image by George Salisbury