With the upcoming apprenticeships levy, large businesses will require more and more tech and digital apprentices to help them fill their digital skills gaps, so the demand this year is set to grow significantly.

To meet it, QA – the biggest tech and digital training and apprenticeships company in the UK – has launched a large new facility in Bristol, which will see thousands of local people trained in the newest technologies and technology-related courses to help up-skill the local workforce and strengthen Bristol as a tech centre.

QA train professionals from 80% of FTSE 250 organisations and the public sector, and last year Matt Hancock, minister for digital (culture, media and sport), supported their campaign celebrating placing 10,000 apprentices.

They also have a large, successful apprenticeships division for tech and digital roles and the new Bristol centre will see a new apprenticeships floor dedicated to training young people, and placing them within local businesses both large and small.