The Bristol Magazine visits the recently relocated Pamperbanana for a warming treatment ideal for winter, and a spot of pre-party season prettifying

Having held its own on Henleaze Road for getting on for a decade, Bristol beauty salon Pamperbanana moved to a new premises just a few doors down the road around a year ago, so we thought we’d check in and see how they were doing in their new home – and, erm, make sure all the facilities were in working order too…

After our coats are taken at the door, we’re greeted with a slick, stylish interior complete with smart little nail stations and a pretty tiled pedicure area (more on that later). As I’m taken to one of the double rooms (which accommodate couples’ treatments) to try out their Thai compress massage, the team explain how they’ve gone more and more down the holistic route, doing everything from hot stone and bamboo to Himalayan salt scrub therapies as well as advanced skincare treatments using Environ and CACI.

PamperbananaThe Thai compress includes traditional remedies such as lemongrass, kaffir, lime and turmeric

Combining traditional remedies with modern techniques, the Thai treatment comprises deep massage with heated compresses containing up to 14 traditional Thai herbs – the likes of lemongrass, kaffir, lime, turmeric, camphor, prai, menthol and tamarind – to rejuvenate and stimulate body and mind. Sprawled out on the heated bed, my therapist begins by ‘tapping’ my lower back, limbs, upper spinal regions and shoulders with the warming compress, with a decent amount of force, before rolling it across pressure points and addressing my knottiest zones.

As much as they are generally divine, massage treatments can often feel a bit two-dimensional – your back is addressed, then your front, and none of the muscles in between – but this is thorough, with plenty of attention given to frequently ignored areas too. An hour and 15 minutes later, I stir lazily and get up to meet my companion Emma, who has been perched on a ‘spa pedicure throne’, where guests can choose their own colourful lighting depending on what kind of mood they wish to evoke, and play their own music while enjoying a treatment.

PamperbananaClients can choose from over 100 CND Vinylux polishes

“Attempting to choose from over 100 CND Vinylux polishes is no mean feat,” she says, showing off her newly polished toes. “But, after overcoming the child-in-a-sweetshop sensation, I went for the glittery turquoise. Once on my equally sparkly mosaic throne, I sank my toes into the aromatherapy water and let atmospheric music and lights wash over me. Therapist Kara advised the best way to maximise the final look, using specialist topcoats and CND’s Solar Oil, and once she had moisturised, polished and perfected my tired feet, I began to wonder how I could ever put my trainers back on – surely only a brand new pair of party heels would do…”

The Thai massage costs £69.50 while the Express Pedicure costs £30.50;