Meet Nick Butter: he’s Running the World (196 marathons in 196 countries in just 550 days) to raise money for Prostate Cancer Research

Starting from London in January 2018, Nick Butter will cover an eye-watering 5,130 miles through some of the harshest environments in the world, from the scorching Sahara to the depths of wintery Antarctica, as part of his Running the World challenge.
So why take such a perilous trip? For Nick there’s three vital reasons: to raise money for Prostate Cancer UK, to inspire others to make the world a better place, and to fulfil his own life goals in the process. We spoke to the man himself to find out more…
Running the World

Nick’s 5,130 mile challenge starts in January 2018

Why Prostate Cancer UK?

I’m doing it all for Prostate Cancer UK because I met a guy called Kevin… he has terminal prostate cancer and probably won’t be alive by the time I come back from the trip. We met running the Marathon des Sables race in the Sahara Desert.

What’s your biggest challenge during training?

I’m a great believer in making time for things that you’re passionate about. But I must admit fitting in several hundreds of miles a week and also planning this huge trip is taking it’s toll on my sleep…

Getting up at 5 or 6, running in the morning, quick shower, breakfast and then off to work; because don’t forget I work full time too, then run at midday for an hour, shower again, finish work, eat and then back out training in the evening for another hour.

So yeah, the ‘time in trainers’ is just grudging. But I love it. So many people don’t have the privilege, so I remind myself of that when it’s raining and cold.

“Motivation for me is about the big picture. I’m running this huge challenge for my mate Kev; he doesn’t have the time the rest of us take for granted…”

Running the WorldNick is looking for sponsors and individual givers to support his trip

How do you keep motivation high?

Motivation for me is about the big picture. I’m running this huge challenge for my mate Kev; he doesn’t have the time the rest of us take for granted. So whether it’s this challenge or my next adventure I’m always set on making my time on the planet count. Do wild things, push myself, and stay out of my comfort zone as much as possible. One day I hope to be remembered for doing good while enjoying myself.

What music do you like to listen to while training?

Music… what music? I listen to audio books mostly. I’m on my feet for about 2 or 3 hours a day so music can get a little repetitive. The average album lasting under an hour, I would need a huge collection, and even with the wonders of Spotify, I prefer to let my mind fly away in a really good book. My personal favourites are listening to other people’s crazy adventures. When I come back from my 550 day trip I will be publishing a book and one day maybe another crazy person like me will listen to my book and be inspired.

Which country or marathon are you most looking forward to?

There are so many… hard question. I think the real answer is probably one of the countries I can’t even pronounce. I love photography, so capturing the different cultures and wonderful places in the world will mean I will have a huge collection of photos to auction off for charity on my return. So stumbling upon a country that I know nothing about and being exposed to their way of life for just a few days, it will be this kind of place that will be the most fun. The people I’ll meet and run with will be the best memories.

Running the WorldShow your support

We reckon Running the World is an amazing challenge for an excellent cause and, to top it all off, will put Nick in the running (!) for a world record – but sponsors are still desperately needed to get him to the start line, let alone the end of his mammoth trip. Business and individuals are encouraged to donate as much or as little as they can, from sponsoring a marathon to providing gear or donating valuable funds.

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