Picture the scene:  it’s another sunny Friday afternoon and you’ve snuck away from your desk to grab a quick bite to eat.  Bristol’s streets are lined with weary shoppers,  busy work-lunchers and stressed parents with bored kids in tow – it seems there is no escape.

That is, until you stumble across the vibrant haven that is St Nick’s Market.  With its colourful array of huts and stalls, you can’t help but find yourself enticed into the comfort of the generously spirited traders and stall-owners.  The upbeat atmosphere is infectious, and there’s always a smile to be shared as you pass through a cocoon of strangers.

But what about the grub? The first eatery to come into view has to be Buckland Venison, who appear at the market on the first Friday of every month. The tantalising offer centres around locally reared, freshly made venison steak burgers, with homemade relish and mayonnaise created using fresh, free-range duck eggs – how could you resist?

Talking to Steve Brand – owner of the Buckland Venison street-food stall, he explains:

“When we’re based in Bristol, we do the Harbourside Market, and St Nick’s Market.  We started this about six months ago.  I find Bristol really good for street-food – not when it’s raining, mind!”

The venison is sourced locally to Somerset and Wiltshire, from Steve’s Dad’s deer farm.

“My Dad is a stalker – he shoots deer.  I sell venison as it is, I make my own recipe burgers.  I use a local independent bakery for my bread – try to keep it down to earth.”  Steve says.

One of their wild venison burgers with homemade relish and wholegrain mustard, will set you back £5.50 (it is not known whether the Bristol Pound is accepted).

They are planning on launching across UK summer festivals next year, and are working on converting the masses to their unique venison range – from carpaccio to jerky to all smoked varieties.

“I’ve had people who have never tried venison before who thoroughly enjoyed it.  It’s all wild, so it’s lived a pretty good life.  I have got lots of ducks, and we use the duck eggs in the mayonnaise and the yolks in the burgers.”  Steve adds.

For more information:  www.bucklandvenison.co.uk