This month, Jenny Hayes returns to Beau Monde Dental to have her Six Month Smile braces fitted

Those among you who read my review of Beau Monde Dental Care last month will not be surprised to learn that I was very excited about returning to the friendly practice on North View this month to have the lower arch of my Six Month Smile brace fitted. As always, it was a pleasure to step into the light, pretty surgery and into the capable hands of Dr Catherine Spalding and dental nurse Jade Slade.

Once I had settled into the comfortable leather chair, Catherine explained what would be happening during this appointment, making sure that I was happy with each stage and reminding me that if I felt any discomfort or needed a break at any time, to let her know. Having been a patient of Catherine’s for nearly four years now, I didn’t really have any concerns to begin with as I know she is always extremely gentle and precise in her work, but I really appreciated being informed of exactly what was going to be happening so that no element of the treatment would be unexpected and I could relax throughout. Initially, my teeth needed to be cleaned so that the glue that would hold the transparent brackets of my brace in place would adhere properly.

Once that was done, Catherine applied the blue, gel-like glue to my teeth, and warned me that it didn’t taste very nice. Fortunately, she applied it with such care and Jade rinsed it away so efficiently that I barely noticed it in my mouth, so didn’t find the process unpleasant at all. Next came the fitting of the brackets, which arrive from the specialist lab in America in a plastic tray that is placed over the teeth, ensuring they are in exactly the right position for the wires to do their work and pull the teeth into alignment. Once in place, Catherine shone a light over each of my teeth in turn to set the glue, and then removed the plastic surround so only the small, clear brackets remained. Then Catherine began to attach the tooth-coloured wires, a process that I would imagine could feel unpleasant as a certain amount of pressure is needed to slot the wires into the brackets and then tighten them around the teeth. Not so in Catherine’s hands. She wove them in with meticulous care, checking in with me regularly to make sure I was doing ok. The whole process took 1hr 20mins, although it really didn’t feel like that long to me as Catherine and Jade maintained easy conversation throughout, and Catherine regularly paused in her work to let me relax my jaw, or have a rinse, just to make sure I remained comfortable and relaxed.

It is this level of thoughtfulness and awareness of a patient’s needs that, in my eyes, really sets Beau Monde apart as a practice, and it is something that has been consistent throughout every appointment I’ve been to – whether just for a quick check-up, or a more complex procedure such as this. As Catherine had warned may happen, over the next few days I did experience some pain as the wires began to encourage my teeth to move, but it was completely manageable with Ibuprofen and the knowledge that it was all part of my path toward that perfect smile. And I can happily assure you that, a week later, I can barely remember life without my brace, and I’m looking forward to having my upper arch fitted next month. So watch this space…

Beau Monde Dental Care offers a full range of services, from routine dentistry for all the family to more specialised cosmetic procedures like Six Month Smiles and teeth whitening. Six Month Smiles can take between 4–9 months depending on the treatment required. The cost for both upper and lower arches is £2300, and Beau Monde offers a variety of payment plans to suit you. Beau Monde Dental Care, 35 North View, BS6 7PY. Tel: 0117 330 3495 or visit: