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European City of Sport

Game On: European
City of Sport 2017

With Bristol having been named European City of Sport for 2017, we thought we’d do a little (but very physically challenging) celebratory dance and shine a...
Prostate Cancer Research

Who Run The World?

Meet Nick Butter: he's Running the World (196 marathons in 196 countries in just 550 days) to raise money for Prostate Cancer Research Starting from...
Barrecore bristol

Raising the Barre:
Barrecore in Bristol

Amanda Nicholls is in for some serious sculpting when she signs up for a class with the brand new Bristol branch of Chelsea favourite Barrecore... Born in...
yoga bristol

Bristol: The Yogi’s Playground

We are a city in love with yoga; we’ve positively coiled our limbs around it in a warm embrace. And with so many fantastic teachers from near and far having...
clifton lido outdoor swimming

The Best Outdoor Swimming Spots

There are few things more refreshing than an alfresco dip on a summer’s day – and there’s something about it that feels quintessentially British, too....

Bristol, Beat the Bloat!

Are you striving for a bikini body but just don't seem to be able to shift the weight around your tummy area?  It's not an uncommon complaint among women, but...