Wave goodbye to hours spent revitalising has-been fences – Colourfence will have your garden summer-ready without breaking the bank

We all know the feeling: you’ve got a summer of children’s parties, BBQs and sunbathing ahead, but crumbling fence posts and weathered paint are creating a less-than-appealing garden environment.


For a stable, affordable solution which is guaranteed to last, Colourfence’s unique fencing system, featuring hardwearing Colourbond steel, is the go-to choice.

Having gained a reputation for quality and excellent customer services, Colourfence has grown in popularity over the past 10 years, with many homeowners looking to avoid the drawbacks of PVC and wood alternatives.

As well as avoiding the usual pitfalls – the system will not rust, rot or peel and can withstand winds up to 130mph – Colourfence is a cost-effect alternative to the usual choices. Starting prices are in-line with mid-range timber offerings, but with the added benefit of guaranteed quality and long-term practicality.

There’s also the bonus of minimal maintenance, meaning you can focus on perfecting your Pimm’s cocktail recipe instead of wasting time on broken fence panels and flaking paint. Simply spray the fence down with a hose to lift off dirt and keep your garden in tip-top condition.

For the areas which don’t require full screening – between pillars or on top of pre-existing walls, for example – customers can also choose from a selection of ColourRail steel railings.

Both the Colourfence and ColourRail systems are installed by fully trained, accredited Franchisees, saving you the time and effort of fitting your own fence and providing a guaranteed level of quality.

To find out more or get a quote, visit colourfence.co.uk/bristol-south or call 0117 2141201