Aside from the fact we have a huge and, you could say, unlikely, crush on Jez’s shady mate from Peep Show, there was another major reason we were drawn to watch Matt King (AKA Superhans) DJ at Motion’s The Marble Factory last night.

And that was the promise of a set filled with ‘stone-cold classics’ and the sort of beefed-up beats that strut down the street in flares, demanding your undivided attention – as pledged in a recent interview with the NME. It’s storming gigs at Glastonbury and Leeds Festivals this year that have prompted the inaugural Superhans tour, and as we pile into the chosen Bristol venue along with a very respectably sized crowd for a midweek school-night, we can’t wait to hear what it is, exactly, that made this seem like a bankable venture.

“It’s contagious…” our man rumbles into the mic after strutting on stage in a big, black, fluffy coat, along with mysterious pals Psychopab and poncho-sporting The Hombre, eliciting some hysterical hollering from the roomful of Superhans enthusiasts who recognise the quote and are soon bouncing up and down to the huge beats emanating from the decks. A self-professed ‘musical octopus’, DJ ‘Hans moves beautifully between Bowie and Blue Monday; from The Rolling Stones to The Prodigy; Candi Staton to Kanye West – punctuating it all with a composition or two of his own, a rendition of The Stone Roses’ Fools Gold intro riff on his ‘electrical guitar’, and a highly appropriate snippet of Easy Like Sunday Morning when he decides “It’s all getting a bit much, ain’t it?”

Of course, if you’re somehow not a Peep Show fan, a lot of the inter-tune chat is probably lost on you, but we don’t reckon you could fail to be roused by the hilarious spirit of the show, plus some genuinely ace work on the decks – it ranks highly among the best DJ sets we’ve ever seen.

Encore on the first tour? Oh, alright then – your stuff is pretty moreish, Mr Hans…