Local photographer and presenter Colin Moody introduces his atmospheric ‘Unusual Landscapes’ project…

“As an artist I am always on the look out for anything that looks out of the ordinary as it can offer us a way of seeing ourselves in a new way. 
“By chance I found myself on a bus to Weston on a day when the air was warm while the sea was cold and huge banks of mist rolled in.
“Are these images half way away from this world or half way back from another?”
Unusual Landscapes
A couple emerging from the mist. Are they coming or going?
Unusual LandscapesMisty day we met under the pier
Unusual Landscapes
Rollercoaster at the edge of everything
Unusual Landscapes
Where and when is this horse-drawn carriage heading?
Unusual Landscapes
Where is the pier?
You can currently find Colin’s recent work at the Underfall Yard visitor’s centre and in the BRI Oncology department. For more information visit colinmoody.net.