Jenny Hayes returns to Beau Monde Dental to continue her Six Month Smile adult braces treatment

I’ve been treated to not one, but two visits to Beau Monde Dental this month, and the changes I’ve seen in my teeth have been nothing short of extraordinary. In fact, right before I started writing this piece, I had to check them in the mirror once again just to make sure I hadn’t imagined the startling transformation that has taken place.

As you may remember from my first review, the reason I decided to have my Six Month Smile adult brace system fitted was because of my rather unsightly row of crooked lower teeth. One stuck up a clear 3mm above the others right at the front of my mouth, around which the surrounding teeth had huddled together like a crowd in awe of this dental megalith. They were unsightly, to say the very least.

The reason I decided to undertake my treatment at Beau Monde Dental was that, as a patient at the practice for over three years, I knew I couldn’t be in better hands than those of my dentist, Dr Catherine Spalding. She and fellow practice owner and dentist, Dr Nicola White, have created a lovely, welcoming atmosphere where patient comfort is of primary importance, and every member of their team reflects that attitude.

Two months into my treatment, I know I’ve made the right decision on both counts. Over the course of the last four weeks I’ve had the brackets and wires adjusted on my braces twice, and in the process watched my once straggly teeth move into almost perfect alignment. It feels miraculous, but I know it is all the result of Catherine’s precise and careful work.

Taking care of my brace has also become easier as I’ve become more practised at it. Where once flossing took the best part of 20 minutes (it was hard negotiating those wires!), it now takes two – and because it is an essential part of the upkeep of brace I make sure I do it every evening, which is setting me up for good dental hygiene habits even when my Six Month Smile treatment is finished.

Which will happen early in the new year. In the meantime, my teeth should fully align over the next few weeks, and then the braces will stay on for a few more months while they get settled in their new positions. So catch up with me again in our February issue to find out whether I’ve achieved that perfect smile I’ve been dreaming of…

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