Take a walk in almost any direction in Bristol and it won’t be long before you come across a pizzeria or craft beer pub; Bristolians love their food (and beer!) and whilst pizza has always been a long-time favourite of many, craft beer has also reached peak popularity in recent years.

Zero Degrees, situated in a prominent position on the corner of Colston Street and Park Row, has long been a promoter of the craft beer movement, and a pioneer too, as the large, futuristic building was specially designed to house the on-site microbrewery it has become famous for.

Already having enjoyed their pizza and (ahem…) beer a number of times over the years, I was very pleased to be invited along to sample their new menu, which has carefully designed to pair a selection of pizzas with specific beers to enhance and compliment the flavours of both. Little prompting was required and the next evening my dining partner and I were eagerly sat at our table.

The first thing I noticed whilst I was looking through the menu was that the interior had changed since my last visit. I have always been a fan of the large, open, space of Zero Degrees with its robust, industrial design, but this has softened somewhat; a revamp inside sees bright colours and natural wood finishes added in which works well and makes the space look, and feel, warmer.

The menu, which also includes starters and desserts, is vast, and the appealing combination of pizza toppings makes it pleasingly hard to make a choice. With a little guidance, my partner opted for the Seafood pizza; a mix of juicy king prawns, squid, mussels, anchovies, capers, garlic oil, parsley and tomato sauce. Gino, our waiter, advised him to pair this with the mango beer, on the basis that the saltiness of the anchovies and capers would be balanced by the fruitiness of the mango beer; from his positive thumbs up and inability to talk due to large, greedy mouthfuls of both, I can only be sure that Gino was right. The seafood pizza (I managed to wrestle a slice free for myself) is purposefully served without the usual mozzarella cheese topping which means the earthy flavours of the seafood and the zing of the tomato sauce are more striking; I can see why it remains one of their most popular pizzas.

For myself, I deliberately wanted to go for something different to my usual (I’m a devout Parma ham girl usually) and so my choice was the roasted garlic chicken; garlic chicken, red onions and parsley on a white wine and garlic cream sauce. I was advised to pair this with a Pilsner; the clean, dry and hoppy flavours of the beer proving to be perfect against the mild garlic flavour of the chicken. The pizza itself was sublime. I had been dubious at the prospect of no tomato sauce but the garlic cream worked so well with the pizza base that I have since tried to recreate it at home (to slightly less enthusiastic responses, but delicious all the same)

Whilst the pizzas are clearly the stars of Zero Degrees, it is worth noting that there is an extensive menu of other options if you fancy something different; salads, pasta dishes and a whole menu of mussels dishes provide more than enough choice. Whilst there are also plenty of wines, cocktails and soft drinks available, it would be a shame to go to Zero Degrees and not sample one of the fabulous craft beers. For those of you who are interested in the process of how the beer is made, a word with your waiter will usually mean you can have a quick tour of the micro brewery on site…..and once you have been guided through the process that goes into making the delicious brews surely it is only furthering your education to then sample another?…

Zero Degrees, 53 Colston St, Bristol, BS1 5BA

0117 925 2706

Monday – Saturday 12pm – 12am

Sunday 12pm – 11pm