Badminton School’s Science Outreach Team have published their third paper in the peer-reviewed journal Physics Education.

The team of student authors included Jenny from Lower Sixth (who also edited much of the paper) and Ria, Emma, Scarlett, Amelia, Katie and Nimesha from Year 11.

The journal is published by the Institute of Physics and is aimed at developing inspiring teaching of physics in universities and schools, with all articles subject to academic scrutiny before publication.

Most papers in the journal are published by academics, with a few published by teachers; it is almost unprecedented for students to be published in this journal.

The paper examines a phenomenon known as Lenz’s Law – when a magnet is moved close to an electrical conductor, a current is induced. The law states that to conserve energy, this current will have its own magnetic field that opposes the magnet’s motion.

Badminton School is an independent, boarding and day school for girls aged three – 18 years in Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol, England.