You know there should always come a time in your life when you finally realise that you must make the decision to stop saying ‘I will’ and instead determine to say ‘I am’. Many of us go for years and years saying one day I will get truly fit, lose weight, make sure my blood flows cleanly and freely and look and feel on the top of the world. You think how great it would be to be as attractive as possible, how impressed people would be to see the ‘new you’, to glory in their new found respect and just to know for yourself that you are in top physical condition; but then that thought so easily slips away when you are invited out to lunch or dinner or to meet some friends or you come home from a hard day’s work and you are fortunate enough to have any amount of food and alcohol immediately available. There may be a flash of conscience but it is just a flash as you say for the umpteenth time, ‘just this once won’t matter’ and reach for the glass or bottle, shove a supermarket curry in the microwave and quite possibly promise yourself a bowl of ice cream for ‘afters’.

But it IS possible for all of us to draw upon those reserves of self-discipline and the time CAN come when you can truly say – ‘I am’; I AM actually doing what I’ve longed to be able to do for years. I AM eating less. My God I AM actually pouring myself half a glass of wine and leaving it at that for the night. Did I just shut the fridge door having gazed at that tub of Haagan Dazs for a good two minutes?

6 months ago I had a blood-test and basic health check and discovered that I was borderline diabetic, my blood pressure was higher than it should have been and I was at least a stone overweight. Well I didn’t need anyone to tell me that. I had bored an extra hole in my best belt just to allow myself to breathe properly. I also had a triglycerides problem. Too many of ‘em apparently. Have had for many years and have been taking pills but wasn’t doing anything more positive than that to rectify the situation. And then I met Ana.

And thank God I did. Ana Marina Rito is a very special, highly qualified and experienced nutritionist. I had a consultation with her. A very thorough one which started with answering a lot of questions about my lifestyle, involved an amazingly informative whole-body scan that measured (almost) every part of me, continued with much more analysis, information and advice and ended with a detailed nutritional program spelling out exactly what I should and shouldn’t eat along with some mouth-watering recipes, how much I should eat and when, and what kind of exercise that was best for me to really get back on track to being healthy. And one of the best things about this was the commitment – that I had someone to answer to, not to let down, besides not wanting to waste my own time and money.

So now, 6 months down the line it’s turned out to be the best investment I’ve ever made. An investment in myself! And along with another decision to really work out properly for just 3 hours a week, I am now – ‘the new me’! Besides the visual results and feeling great, Ana’s in-depth reports from my regular check-ups prove it. By sticking to her recommendations I’ve lost the equivalent of 12 x 250g standard packs of butter which was originally mostly around my so-called ‘waist’! No more pills, blood pressure normal, I’m looking loads trimmer, most of my muscles are noticeably much more toned and now that belt fits perfectly without any extra holes, and so, incidentally, do my shirts which were all previously in danger of firing buttons all over the place when I put them on, especially when I sat down. And I sleep a lot better. Before I was waking up 3 or 4 times a night and now I sleep right through for 7 or 8 hours feeling so much more refreshed in the morning. Now my ‘I AM’ project is well underway I’m not going to stop; I’m also going to try out Ana’s unique genetic DNA testing where my DNA will be analysed (forgive the pun) to show what foods and other measures I should know about to help protect me from any inherent diseases and therefore prolong my life even more! That will be very reassuring.

So, if you really want to look and feel great, especially with the Summer coming up, my advice to you is to finally do something about it; give Ana a ring to book a free initial consultation as soon as you can. And then you can at last stop thinking you will make the effort to sort yourself out, and instead take pride in saying that ‘at last, I am !