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Review: A little face time with EF Medi Spa

Jessica Hope says goodbye to adolescent spots and shiny skin after a series of specialised treatments at EF Medi Spa

Acne. It’s a word that has followed me around for the past ten years. Despite now being in my mid 20s, I still feel like I’m living in a teenager’s nightmare when I wake up each morning with another painful, volcano-sized spot beating on my chin. Spots, blackheads, oily skin – these are all things that I thought you were meant to leave behind when you turned 20 and waved goodbye to the years of crazy hormones, cheap make up and questionable face washes.As I have recently discovered, this certainly isn’t the case. EF Medi Spa on Whiteladies Road in Clifton is seeing more and more people in their 20s, 30s and even 40s coming through the clinic’s doors, looking for a treatment for their spotty skin problems – and for the last few months I have been one of them. Back in the autumn I went for a skin consultation with Becca, one of the clinic’s therapists, where she analysed my skin and advised a series of treatments that directly target acne, large pores and shiny skin. She advised that I undergo a course of six ClearSkin™ laser treatments and LED light therapy sessions every two to three weeks for around three months to help reduce my spots, minimise redness and smooth my skin.

ClearSkin™ combines a non-ablative laser treatment with direct cooling technology, making this a more comfortable and precise treatment for acne sufferers. It penetrates deep into the skin without damaging the top layer, and uses a dermal heating process to disrupt the sebaceous glands that can produce too much oil and increase the appearance of acne.

I began each of my treatments with a cleanse and light exfoliation with Dermaquest DermaClear Cleanser which is specially formulated to calm blemishes and sooth the skin using ingredients such as willow bark and tea tree oil. After covering my eyes with protective goggles, Becca started the ClearSkin™ laser treatment where the laser is gently moved across my face, going over areas that are particularly spot prone, especially my chin – this process takes approximately 15 minutes.Don’t be put off by the word laser, this is a painless process and the cooling mechanism calms the skin where it might tingle a little – plus it is suitable for all skin types and there aren’t any side effects. Using a different laser setting, Becca targeted particular spots on my chin with a function that almost sucks the spot and the surrounding area, giving it a concentrated laser treatment, helping to reduce the size and redness.

Following this treatment, I was put under a Dermalux® LED light therapy treatment for around 20 minutes. This treatment features infra-red, ultra violet and blue light at different frequencies – the blue light is anti-bacterial and calms the skin, while the red light increases blood circulation and rejuvenates. Becca tells me that she recommends that all of her clients undergo LED light therapy, whether they have acne or any other skin conditions, as the healing properties can help to reduce scarring, tone the face, and improve the elasticity.

Snuggled under a blanket and with calming music playing in the background, the light therapy is relaxing, warming and the perfect opportunity for that bit of mindfulness we all need to squeeze into our busy lives. With my face feeling rejuvenated and smooth, Becca finished my treatment by applying a hydrating serum and a SPF 30 moisturiser.

Following my series of treatments, a skin consultation revealed that my pores are now tighter, I have less blackheads, and smoother, less oily skin. Although I do get the odd spot thanks to annoying hormones, I definitely have fewer than before, my redness has reduced and there is less pigmentation across my face.

And the changes with my skin haven’t gone unnoticed: I have received lots of comments from family and friends who weren’t aware of me having these treatments saying my skin looks brighter and clearer.This has also helped with my skin’s hydration – this is the first year that I can remember where I haven’t experienced dry, flaky skin during the winter. I used to plaster my face in thick moisturiser to try and get through the cold months (this would only clog my pores further), but thanks to the ClearSkin™ laser and light therapy, as well as using hydrating skincare products at home, my skin has survived the winter without any signs of drying out.

In order to help maintain my skin in between treatments I used the DermaClear Cleanser at home, as well as a hydrating serum and moisturiser with SPF. My attitude towards taking care of my skin has changed dramatically – using just soap and water is a big no no now. I spend more time on cleansing and exfoliating, and I take extra care in choosing products with ingredients that will help keep my acne at bay. EF Medi Spa sells several ranges of skincare products to suit all skin types over the counter, so you can pick up some items while visiting the clinic.

Everyone’s skin is different, so the therapists at EF Medi Spa are specially trained to design a treatment plan to suit an individual’s needs using quality products and advanced technology. Thanks to my treatment plan, for the first time in a long while I’m not afraid to face the world free of make up and with my head held high.

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