Queens Road, Bristol
W: bristolmuseums.org.uk

This gorgeous Grade-II listed building houses a wonderful mix of the arts, natural sciences, archaeology and world cultures. Cutting-edge contemporary art rubs shoulders with fossils which are millions of years old. Old Master paintings meet Eastern glass and ceramics and Victorian taxidermy shares the space with Ancient Egyptian and Roman remains.

The museum hosts a changing programme of temporary exhibitions throughout the year. Current shows include ‘Masters of Japanese Prints’, ‘Clowns: The Eggs-hibition’ and ‘Fabric Africa’. Bristol’s collection of Japanese woodblock prints ranks in the top five regional UK collections and this will be showcased through three exhibitions over the next year. ‘Clowns: The Eggs-hibition’ reveals the wonderful world of clowning through 168 ceramic clown eggs – each one is a record of a clown’s unique identity – while ‘Fabric Africa’ is a beautifully colourful snapshot of modern and historic textiles from across the continent of Africa.