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Bristol Steiner School

Bristol Steiner School, Redland Hill House, Redland, BS6 6UX
Tel: 0117 9339990
Admissions: Vishwa Wijedasa
Web: bristolsteinerschool.org

Name of Principal: Nicola Forder

Age of pupils: 3 – 11 years

Number of pupils: 128 capacity

School fees: Kindergarten £858 – £5,196 per annum. Primary £8,226 per annum

Religious denomination: Non-denominational

The curriculum: Bristol Steiner School is an independent day school for children from the age of 3 to 11. Fundamental to the Steiner Waldorf philosophy is the belief in a child-centred, relational approach to learning and a commitment to promoting the development of the whole child. This is embraced and cherished throughout all aspects of life at school, through lived values rooted in the delivery of contextual learning, with true meaning and purpose. Language and oracy play an important part in school life and children participate in activities that enhance this. Mathematics is taught in class and then used across the curriculum in woodwork, handwork and form drawing. Pupils learn science in class and through outdoor learning in the school garden. Eurythmy is an expressive artform that combines language, music and movement. Physical education, swimming, music and forest school complement the diverse curriculum.

Extra-curricular activities: Outdoor learning in the school’s extensive gardens is a staple of the curriculum which includes woodwork, handwork, scientific skills through gardening and forest school. Other activities that pupils can benefit from include music tuition, drama and capoeira.

Pastoral care: Strong relationships are nurtured at school, where teaching and learning are seen as relational activities. Over the course of an education at Bristol Steiner School, pupils will be guided by just two class teachers. A kindergarten teacher nurtures pupils throughout their early years from the age of 3 to 6. A main school teacher then moves through the years with pupils from the age of 7 to 11. Pupils know all of the adults on site by name. Small class sizes promote the wellbeing and self-belief of each child.

Outstanding characteristics: Bristol Steiner School provides pupils with the healthiest start in life by delivering a vibrant, uplifting, Steiner Waldorf education that integrates the virtues of academic achievement, emotional intelligence, wellbeing and individuality to benefit the whole child. The curriculum is intrinsically broad and effectively planned to engage pupils in their learning. Teachers build a strong understanding of each child and emphasise the personal development, self-confidence and capabilities of the individual. It is a school that celebrates individuality. The nurturing and warm setting, resonant of a village school environment, is what makes the school truly unique, offering a diverse alternative in an urban setting that places connectedness, wellbeing and happiness at the heart of our ambitions. The school provides the time and space to allow each child to grow and develop an appreciation of themselves and a genuine love of learning, as they journey through the school. Education is a journey, not a race.