For many people, when busy balancing home, work and family commitments, taking the time to look after their health can often get side-lined. Fortunately, the Private GP Service at Nuffield Health Bristol Hospital, The Chesterfield offers a convenient service that enables you and your family to receive the help and advice you need, at a time to suit you.

Run by two dedicated and experienced GPs with a wealth of experience between them, the Private GP Service is available Monday to Friday from 8am until 8pm, with same day appointments regularly available. They also offer some Saturday appointments, with the aim being to give patients as much choice as possible to fit around their busy lives. The service is open to everyone, including visitors from overseas, and there is no need to register, so booking an appointment is quick and easy.

Hospital Director Sheryl Krause said: “We know from talking to patients at the hospital that many struggle to access their regular GP and they like having this option of a flexible service which they can fit around their busy lives.

“The NHS provides a fantastic service but we know that there can sometimes be long waiting times and appointments have to be kept fairly short due to pressures on resources. Our service provides an alternative for those who don’t want to wait to see their regular GP or who want an appointment outside of normal practice hours.

“Our appointments are also longer than average GP appointments – around 30 minutes – meaning they are perfect for patients looking for a more extensive consultation or who have a number of issues they wish to discuss at once.

“We also don’t have any restrictions on who we see and there is no need to register; this makes it a great option for those who are visiting Bristol for business or pleasure and need rapid access to healthcare. Many people also come and see us for pre-employment and insurance medicals – we are always happy to help wherever we can.”

An advantage of the service being based within the hospital is that any investigations needed, such as blood tests or x-rays, can also be carried out at the time of the GP consultation, or shortly after. It also means referrals to other specialists within the hospital can be done more quickly.

Services included within the GP service include diagnostic imaging, electrocardiograms, general lifestyle advice (including weight management, and cholesterol levels), flu vaccinations, travel vaccinations, contraceptive services, referrals to hospital consultants, an onsite pharmacy, onsite pathology, and much more.

To find out more about the Private GP service or to make an appointment, please call 0117 911 6239 or visit for more information.

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