Experience the Stone Age for yourself from 20 July to 1 September around the prehistoric landscape of Cheddar Gorge and Caves. Walk in the footsteps of your ancestors and learn about Cheddar Man – Britain’s oldest, most complete skeleton which was discovered in Gough’s Cave in 1903. Watch the story of early man unfold, with the cave walls as a canvas for the multimedia experience Dreamhunters at Cox’s Cave.

Get into the caveman spirit by dressing up in Stone Age attire, make your own thumb clay pots and create brass rubbings of prehistoric creatures such as the woolly mammoth.

In the Museum of Prehistory you’ll find artefacts discovered in the Cheddar area, and you can meet a hunter-gatherer in the museum’s garden, with demonstrations taking place.

• All these events are included with a day ticket. Book online and save up to 15%; cheddargorge.co.uk