Boasting awe-inspiring cliffs and extraordinary show caves, Cheddar Gorge & Caves is set to open its latest attraction for all to enjoy this Easter.

From 4 to 19 April, one of Britain’s most spectacular natural landmarks presents The Enchanted Cave. Visitors will be free to roam an underground and under cover, illuminated trail discovering mystical chambers where fairies glisten, flowers grow, crystals sparkle, and eggs glow.

The eggsellent narrative that accompanies the opening of The Enchanted Cave follows the fairies in Gough’s Cave. They are friends with the Easter bunny and often help hide eggs for children to find. But there’s a problem, the mischievous troll has hidden the fairies’ glowing eggs. If they can’t find their precious eggs in time, then they can’t help the Easter bunny. Luckily, the troll is sleeping so it’s down to the children to help hunt for them.

Along the way, visitors will meet seven guardian fairies, which hold clues to figuring out what’s so special about the eggs. If you can get passed the troll to find the eggs and discover why the eggs are so important, there will be treats up for grabs.

The illuminated trail will be running every day and The Enchanted Cave craft activities are included in the cost of a day ticket. Children under five years old are free and the trail sheets, which can be collected from Gough’s Cave entrance from 10am to 4pm, entitle every child to a prize.

With nature, wildlife, history and adventure at your fingertips, Cheddar Gorge & Caves is a perfect day out in Somerset. It also holds many fascinating secrets about our prehistoric ancestors, and is an international centre for caving and rock climbing.

Set against the stunning backdrop of one of Britain’s most iconic landmarks, Cheddar Gorge & Caves offers visitors the chance to climb rock faces and explore hidden, underground caverns. With a range of activities available including rock climbing, escape rooms, adventure caving and the Black Cat Free Fall, where thrill-seekers muster up the courage to climb a 30ft ladder and before taking a leap of faith, Cheddar Gorge promises to be a fun day out for all the family.

With its spectacular cliffs and landscape and fascinating calcite cave structures, Cheddar Gorge also provides an immersive and engaging location to support and develop a range of curriculum areas. Its most popular subject areas are geography and prehistory and focuses on the Stone Age. The important wildlife of the gorge also means that biology studies can easily be supported.

The first show cave opened in Cheddar Gorge in 1838 and attracted hundreds of visitors to the gorge. Over time more attractions were developed, and transport access became easier.

Cheddar Gorge & Caves also offers schools a number of illustrated talks, demonstrations and tours as it provides a background to the area before you go exploring. Its educational talks explains everything from what is involved in a bat hibernation count to why the Cheddar pink is such a rare flower. Cheddar Gorge is also a significant site of ecological importance and some of the more notable species include lesser and greater horseshoe bats (and a further ten bat species recorded), dormice, peregrine falcons, great crested newts, and the Cheddar pink.

Book your tickets for The Enchanted Cave, delve into the history of the gorge and explore the fascinating caves that Cheddar Gorge beholds.

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